Patagonia Mineral Essences

The underground force

Fire Agate

-Ágata Fuego-

Knowing that I do not need anything or anyone to complete me. Adjustment of unconscious thoughts that make me think that I am less than what I am. Self esteem.

Uses: Feeling emptiness or feeling of being incomplete. Substance abuse, addictions. Dependent relationships.



Cleansing of the expression of being. Showing one´s truth trusting our reason for being.

Uses: Healing traumas of expression, of this life, hereditary or of past lives. Shyness. Rigid personality. Healing conditions to the throat and the voice. Thyroids.

Dream Quartz

-Cuarzo del Sueño-

Opening of the unconscious. Remembering dreams and understanding their message. Arrange sleep cycles for better unconscious connection.

Uses: Fear of the unconscious. Obsessive or guilty people who have trouble falling asleep. Sleep disorders. Insomnia.

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Quartz Druse

-Drusa de Cuarzo-

Hope in situations of defeat. Strength for new beginnings. Survival instinct. Humour in the face of failure.

Uses: Feelings of distress and burden. Depression. Body weakness. Feeling like a loser. Natural disasters.



Deep hope. Ability to trust in life and love once again.

Uses: Depression. Feeling of loneliness and sadness. Pessimism in the face of life and the future. Very sensitive people who cry easily.

Paine´s Granite

-Granito del Paine-

Healthy boundaries. Taking distance when necessary and knowing when to let go.

Uses: Difficulty to set physical and emotional boundaries. Joint injuries. Arthritis and osteoarthritis.



Transformation energy. Facing strong fears and blockages. Catalyst of other essences and energies.

Uses: Going deeper into therapy. Sensation of stagnation.



Recognizing your own value. Appreciation of one's talents. Giving time to the things that I love.

Uses: Little self-assessment. Vocational problems. Economic distress. Feeling prisoner of your own time.



Understanding the image one projects. Self-awareness.

Uses: Insecurity that generates envy toward others. People who imitate because they are not authentic. Over control of one´s image.

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Feeling that what I give is rewarded. Open to receiving, able to enjoy. Finding balance between giving and receiving.

Uses: Economic or emotional exploitation. Not knowing how to charge for the work itself. Inability to ask for what one deserves.



Feeling of belonging at the family level. Understanding one´s origin. Rooting that allows to open up to ancestral wisdom.

Uses: Lack of belonging. Family intolerance. Family problems.

Patagonia´s Tornasol

-Tornasol de la Patagonia-

Sort, understand and integrate one´s own perceptions and emotional feelings.

Uses: Low emotional intelligence. Feeling that an emotional situation is going to drive me crazy. Mental stress. Panic attacks. Headaches.

Mineral Formula

A blend of 41 grounding mineral essences to be used by therapists in dilution with other essences.
Incarnation and rooting. Belonging to the earth. Self-regulation of the physical body. Activates family´s and society´s wisdom and memories.

Uses: Physical exhaustion. Disconnection of the body and its needs. People who lose and break things. Little connection with the material world. People who get sick a lot.

Intuition Formula

A blend of 12 spiritual mineral essences to be used by therapists in dilution with other essences.

Trusting your own perception of the world, personal wisdom. Clarity of external and internal vision. Channelling. It makes studying easier.

Uses: Dispersion and poor mental clarity. Easily influenced by people. Insecurity of one's knowledge. Self-esteem problems linked to study and learning.

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