Patagonia Mineral Essences

The underground force

Fire Agate

-Ágata Fuego-

Knowing that I do not need anything or anyone to complete me. Adjustment of unconscious thoughts that make me think that I am less than what I am. Self esteem.

Uses: Feeling emptiness or feeling of being incomplete. Substance abuse, addictions. Dependent relationships.



Cleansing of the expression of being. Showing one´s truth trusting our reason for being.

Uses: Healing traumas of expression, of this life, hereditary or of past lives. Shyness. Rigid personality. Healing conditions to the throat and the voice. Thyroids.

Dream Quartz

-Cuarzo del Sueño-

Opening of the unconscious. Remembering dreams and understanding their message. Arrange sleep cycles for better unconscious connection.

Uses: Fear of the unconscious. Obsessive or guilty people who have trouble falling asleep. Sleep disorders. Insomnia.

Quartz Druse

-Drusa de Cuarzo-

Hope in situations of defeat. Strength for new beginnings. Survival instinct. Humour in the face of failure.

Uses: Feelings of distress and burden. Depression. Body weakness. Feeling like a loser. Natural disasters.



Deep hope. Ability to trust in life and love once again.

Uses: Depression. Feeling of loneliness and sadness. Pessimism in the face of life and the future. Very sensitive people who cry easily.

Paine´s Granite

-Granito del Paine-

Healthy boundaries. Taking distance when necessary and knowing when to let go.

Uses: Difficulty to set physical and emotional boundaries. Joint injuries. Arthritis and osteoarthritis.



Transformation energy. Facing strong fears and blockages. Catalyst of other essences and energies.

Uses: Going deeper into therapy. Sensation of stagnation.



Recognizing your own value. Appreciation of one's talents. Giving time to the things that I love.

Uses: Little self-assessment. Vocational problems. Economic distress. Feeling prisoner of your own time.



Understanding of the image one projects. Self-awareness.

Uses: Insecurity that generates envy toward others. People who imitate because they are not authentic. Over control of one´s image.



Feeling that what I give is rewarded. Open to receiving, able to enjoy. Balance of giving and receiving.

Uses: Economic or emotional exploitation. Not knowing how to charge for the work itself. Inability to ask for what one deserves.



Feeling of belonging at family level. Understanding one´s origin. Rooting that allows to open up to ancestral wisdom.

Uses: Lack of belonging. Family intolerance. Family problems.

Patagonia´s Tornasol

-Tornasol de la Patagonia-

Sort, understand and integrate one´s own perceptions and emotional feelings.

Uses: Low emotional intelligence. Feeling that an emotional situation is going to drive me crazy. Mental stress. Panic attacks. Headaches.

Mineral Formula

Encarnation and rooting. Belonging to the earth. Self-regulation of the physical body. Activates family´s and society´s wisdom and memories.

Uses: Physical exhaustion. Disconnection of the body and its needs. People who lose and break things. Little connection with the material world. People who get sick a lot.

Intuition Formula

Trusting your own perception of the world, personal wisdom. Clarity of external and internal vision. Channelling. It makes studying easier.

Uses: Dispersion and poor mental clarity. Easily influenced by people. Insecurity of one's knowledge. Self-esteem problems linked to study and learning.

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