Patagonia Bird Essences

The wings of the heart



(Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus)

'I know I have a mission in this life, I follow its magnetic guidance. I trust that everything will happen at the precise moment, I live in the present.’

Uses: Anguish due to feeling a lack of direction, anxiety about the future. Vocational crisis

Digestive system: intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, colic.

House Wren


(Troglodytes aedon)

'I engage in the present with passion and openness. My powerful sexual energy allows me to stay grounded, connected to my body and my role in any circumstance.' 

Uses: Depression, discouragement, shyness when speaking. Disconnection from reality. Activates sexual energy. Maternity.

Andean Condor


(Vultur gryphus)

'I trust and let die. I jump into life with open wings. I stop making excuses for myself using my past and stop grasping at future plans. I am nurtured by my ancestors.'

Uses: Big changes when we need to leave something behind. Paradigms founded on fear. Loneliness, feeling that the load is too heavy. High back and cervicals. Oesophagus, pharynx, larynx.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Chilean Swallow

-Golondrina Chilena-

(Tachycineta meyeni)

'Once again I experience life with the lucidity of a child. I awaken the simple joy of being alive. I come to remind you that you live for what you love. I am the wings of the heart. '

Uses: Living automatically, alienated. Watching life pass by from behind a window. Tachycardia, pains in the chest.

Peregrine Falcon

-Halcón Peregrino-

(Falco peregrinus)

'I use my intellect with wisdom, I access my knowledge assertively. I recognize and cut the ties that bind me. When I identify what I want, I go straight to it. '

Uses: Mental confusion. Difficulty to start tasks. Studies. Healing sacral chakra traumas.

Harris's Hawk


(Parabuteo unicinctus)

'I belong to my clan, where I assume roles and cooperate. Reality is holographic; what happens to you today is related to your broad past and the system in which you live. I’ll help you bring back the memories to heal today from those multiple realities.'

Uses: Feelings of abandonment or loneliness; current, inherited or from past lives. Crystallization of roles. Immune system. Congenital diseases.

Green-backed Firecrown


(Sephanoides sephaniodes)

'I move with precision towards what I want. I am the joy of the body, the muscular coordination and the efficiency of the movements. '

Uses: Rebalances the metabolism of fats and sugars. Physical awkwardness.

Body weight regulation.

Ruffous-tailed Plantcutter


(Phytotoma rara)

'I dig deeply to the roots of my family and culture. I clear their influence in my relationship decisions. I act slowly but accurately, in the subterranean language of your dreams.'

Uses: Couple related problems. Hereditary patterns. Obsessive thoughts, OCD.

Plain-mantled Tit-spinetail


(Leptasthenura aegithaloides)

'I learn from my experience and I let go of what I no longer need. I don’t get attached anymore, I close the cycles. The true grounding is internal.'

Uses: Retention at all levels. Problems speaking, crying voice. Attachment to useless things. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome. Learning problems.

Magellanic Horned Owl


(Bubo magellanicus)

'I know your forest by heart. I awake your ancestral wisdom to navigate when you think you are fumbling around in the dark. Protection.' 

Uses: Feeling inadequate. Memory. Heart and joints. Fear of the dark. Restlessness.

Cinereous Harrier


(Circus cinereus)

'I see and welcome my pain, I cope with it to understand it. This fills me with wisdom and roots me to the concrete world. Breaking through my own suffering allows me to understand the actions of others. I find my place to share this healing.'

Uses: Impotence when facing the injustices of the world. Apathy, rebellion. Respect other people's paths. Healers.

Moustached Turca


(Pteroptochos megapodius)

'I live connected to my femininity, the earth and my cycles. I am receptive, welcoming and motherly if required.'

Uses: Regulation of menstrual cycles, ovulation, menstruation. Pregnancy. Vaginitis. Sacral Chakra traumas. Receptivity in men.

Austral Pygmy Owl


(Glaucidium Nanum)

'I bring lucidity to your relationships. I clarify the boundaries so I can be able to bond beyond prejudice, from the heart. Telepathy raises in a healthy and constructive way.'

Uses: Dealing with manipulative persons, in present or past situations.

Magic. Extreme sensitivity to others’ emotions.

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Odoo image and text block

King Penguin

-Pungüino Rey-

(Aptenodytes patagonicus)

'I balance yin and yang. I return the flow to the energies, inviting you to an ascendant journey into your emotional and creative feminine, to then descend to your masculinity of practical ability and concretion. You’ll open your heart to this perfect balance and find God’s love everywhere.’

Uses: Emotionality or daydreaming that keeps you from settling. Materialism. Rigidity in roles. Rejection to one’s feminine or masculine side.

Magellanic Woodpecker

-Carpintero Negro-

(Campephilus magellanicus)

'I clear the way for you to focus on your life mission. For this you need to detoxify your body, your history and your habits; everything that moves you away from your true path.'

Uses: Lack of meaning. Indecision, procrastination. Letting go patterns of behaviour and everything that stops personal development.

Cleaning. Canalization. 

Torrent Duck


(Merganetta armata)

'I enjoy the turbulence without being overwhelmed by my feelings, I make it a dance; diving in and out of them. I'm the calm observer of the plot of life, which brings me to the precise people and moments, which returns everything to its right balance.'

Uses: Anxiety, stress, shock. Rescue essence. Respect the cycles of life, patience. Sleeping problems. Meditation. Circulatory system.

White-tufted Grebe


(Rollandia rolans)

'I submerge myself trustfully in my emotions, I experience them with the whole body and let them guide me to decide. I maternally accept all my emotional states.'

Fear of feeling or expressing one's emotions, emotional block. Respiratory problems. Middle back pain. Superficial breathing.

Chilean Flamingo

-Flamenco Chileno-

(Phoenicopterus chilensis)

'I smile to myself enjoying my sinuous curves. Everything I do is accompanied by a sensual enjoyment. My apparent fragility is just an emblem of my strength, I do not question my personal value. I know I’m unique and let my beauty shine without a trace of guilt.'

Uses: Feeling of guilt and difficulty to enjoy. Disconnection from the body. Depression, over thinking. Anorgasmia, fertility. Self esteem.

 Wandering Albatross

-Albatros Errante-

(Diomedea exulans)

'Old sailor, I sail calmly in the fog of your emotional memory, that diffuse sea that shapes who you are. I raise your consciousness and as night vision I offer you clarifying images. I invite you to live in the way of being without thinking, of the being that happens at every moment. '

Uses: Confusion, lack of perspective. Learn from one's experience. Intuition, symbolic interpretation. Lucid dreaming.

Burrowing Parrot


(Cyanoliseus patagonus bloxami)

  'Excuse me if I laugh at you tenderly. From up here, with the eyes of God, I see you with intense love. Your torment is sweet because it reveals your innocence. There is no error, there is nothing to solve. It's okay, you're fine, everything's deeply fine.'

Uses: Depression, self-demand, despair. Awakens self-compassion, tenderness and joy of being oneself.