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Understanding our multiple levels of existence

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Patagonia Flower Essences

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For Edward Bach, the disease begins on the mental level, in our mistaken thoughts and beliefs. This is why he starts his work on plant essences. The quality of plants, which differentiates them from other components of nature, is their capacity for photosynthesis, to convert light into storable material energy. This process is similar to the human process of learning and consciousness, consisting of taking from the experiences a storable particle of knowledge, consciousness. This is why Dr. Edward Bach uses flowers to help us in our conscious processes.

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Patagonia Mineral Essences

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Plants can not exist without minerals, without the stable and rhythmic frequencies that give duration and stability to physical matter. So also the human being carries the mineral frequencies as support of the physical body, in the stable rhythms of the cells and in the slow rhythms of the stages of life. They are also important to resonate with the most stable part of being, the Soul. They activate the secret codes of physical life and allow to bring to the physical level, the qualities of the Soul.

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Patagonia Bird Essences

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The animal kingdom provides a unique characteristic, love, the instinct of finding unity with others and with the objectives of the heart. This capacity is expressed in a special way in birds, in a leap of confidence and desire, they develop wings, which allow them to leave the land to go after their dreams and desires, these are the capacities that we carry from birds and that these essences activate: trust, faith, surrender. Only through a strong connection with intuition and spiritual truths is it possible to jump into emptiness. Birds have developed another quality, the unity, the connection with their environment, to migrate and orient themselves, they are part of a whole that they recognize and carry within themselves. This activates our capacities to expand our consciousness, to know that we are one with everything.