Patagonia Essences

Flower, Bird and Mineral Essences from the most remote and pristine landscapes of Chile.

About Patagonia Essences

We are a team of therapists who love nature and, for more than 15 years,  have been exploring the most remote Chilean landscapes to learn about our native flora, birds and minerals.  We complement our work with knowledge from specialists in botany, geology and ornithology and are moved by wonder and respect for nature, commitment to the development of human potential, social action in our community and passion for teamwork.

Our multidisciplinary team has, together, developed more than 200 essences, divided into three sections: Flowers, Birds and Minerals. These complement each other by working at different levels.

Since 2013 we have also been training therapists in Chile and other parts of South America to use our vibrational essence system. 

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Chile has a big variety of landscapes. Isolated by the Andes mountain range to the east, the ice fields and fjords to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atacama desert to the north, our nature has evolved lots of endemic species that can survive in extreme weathers.

Patagonia is shaped by its strong winds, notorious peaks and huge icelands, which have covered most of its surface for thousands of years. When nature is subjected to such extreme climates it has to maximise its fundamental abilities for survival, becoming unique and resilient. 

Patagonia Essences activate the vital functions of the human being, connecting with the instinct of life, love, consciousness, and leading us to the purpose of our soul. They work deeply to produce fast and long-lasting effects.

What we offer